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We develop websites using WordPress to custom solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

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Eight seconds is all you have to capture someones attention before they decide to stay on or leave your site. Can your visitors quickly find information to their problems which you can help solve?

It is important to understand that new website visitors are unlikely to buy from you on their first visit. It is also likely going to be your only opportunity to start a relationship with them by offering them something free that they can benefit from in exchange for their email address.

Wordpress Websites

Wordpress started life as a blogging platform back in 2003 and since then it has evolved in to a full content management system which now powers at least a quarter of the worlds websites.

We can therefore build a fully customisable Wordpress site for your business or organisation reflecting your specific goals and personality.

Customer benefits of using Wordpress include:

  • 100s of different themes available to choose from.
  • 1000s of plugins available to extend functionality.
  • Wordpress sites are good for SEO and high search engine rankings.
  • Wordpress themes are responsive making them mobile friendly.
  • Wordpress sites have a built in blog.
  • Wordpress is user friendly.
  • There is a large community ready to provide support.

Branding and Logo Design

A business or organisation's logo and branding is one of the first things a potential customer will notice and will help distinguish it from its competitors. Well designed logos are easy to remember and a customer will be able to instantly recall their emotional and intellectual experiences with that brand.

Our experienced designers are able to create a distinguishable and recognisable logo and brand identity for your business which can then be used on your website, business cards and other marketing materials.

Have any questions about our web design or branding services?

If you do please email any questions you may have to: hello@vertigois.com

Or call us on: 07539 591 781

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