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Maybe you currently own or run a business and want to expand to selling online. Alternatively you may already have a full time job and want to make a bit of cash on the side. If either of these scenarios describes you but you don't know where to start then our Guide To Getting Started Selling Online is for you.

As there are a large number of ways to sell online it can quickly become confusing as to which option to choose. These range from popular online marketplaces, cloud-based subscription solutions to hosting your own online shop.

The aim of this guide is to break down and explain the various options for you in a jargon-free language and covers the following:

  • Why it may be a good idea for you to initially sell in an established online marketplace such as Amazon or Ebay.
  • Why you should consider a drop shipping business.
  • Essential ecommerce platform features that you need to know about.
  • Ideas on how to find something to sell and much more.


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